Our Story

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The Strategic Momentum Podcast was founded to deliver different perspectives from progressive leaders on how to break through business challenges.

Originally part of Flywheel Associates, a business and marketing strategy consultancy based out of Washington, D.C., the goal was to share tips and advice from these experts on how they were able to bridge that gap between strategy and execution. After several interviews, however, with guests in fields ranging from social psychology to artificial intelligence to product development, we realized there was something more here. 

In these discussions, we uncovered secrets not only for handling business challenges—such as change management, digital transformation, business development and employee retention—but also for building relationships, overcoming fear and anxiety, and navigating your career in a new business landscape that puts fluidity over linearity. 

We realized the tips and advice these guests were delivering could really help the next generation of leaders, founders and entrepreneurs learn how to create their own path to success. Strategic momentum isn’t about growth for those at the top, but also those who are working their way there. 

Today, Strategic Momentum is a hub for all things #workadvice. Whether it's through the podcast interviews, actionable articles, presentation decks and printouts, inspirational quotes, and peer-to-peer advice forums, we’re working to create the go-to resource for everything you need to develop the personal and professional skills to reach your potential.

Because it’s about understanding the “how” that will create the strategic momentum you are striving for. And with the right resources, you don’t just move forward, you can accelerate.

About Flywheel Associates

We are a different kind of business strategy, operations and marketing consultancy. We put strategy into action by planning, learning, and adapting.  We believe in constantly refining, optimizing, and even pivoting due to the ever-changing market. 

Most often business strategies fail because of poorly defined business objectives or ineffective execution. We provide the critical continuity to ensure that strategic initiatives will drive successful outcomes.

We bridge the gap between “strategic” and “tactical” combining proven experience with cost-effective solutions, we help you tackle your most urgent business challenges.